Wednesday, July 15, 2009
0ne Week Leave plus 5-Days MC


Guess what the Dr prescribed me??
Oseltamivi~ 0r c0mm0nly known as 'Tamiflu' it taste like shit and it looks like clear mucous....
Dun ask me why i'm given syrup-based i mean IM 23!! =\
The Pharmacist said that it can cause Hallucinati0ns... d[-_-]b
Ive been havin FLU since Tuesday last week... D:<
But Zac seems fine th0 havin to spend time with me almosts everyday...
since Thursday and IM LOVIN IT!!! IDK  WHY BUT I STILL MISS HIM! Its simply ridiculous i just can't get en0ugh of him...
Today however he needs t0 be in camp and i really dunnoe what i am gonna do at home... He'll be back on Thursday night  and b00k in again on Friday afternoon so i guess i'll get to see him on Friday Morning~
Yesterday however we went to Ubi Industrial t0 get Skittle's b0nnet tattooed... xD
Skittle is g0nna l00k bad-ass i tell ya~


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